The Craig vs. Wild YouTube clip uses a variety of different camera angles and production techniques to make the video entertaining.  Like most films, the overall product relies on both the acting, which in this case is superb, and the film and editing techniques, which are also well done.  The video uses the following camera angles: A medium shot when Craig is introducing himself in the begining, a long shot when he is running away from the camera, a high angle shot when he is lying on the floor holding his mother, and an over-the-shoulder shot when he looks up at the sun and blinds his retinas.  The video uses the cross cutting technique to switch between story lines.  One story line is that Craig cuts himself then goes to the bathroom with his mother; the other story line is that Craig is out in the wilderness giving different survival instructions. Although the video is superb, the producers could have made the video more funny if they played with a low-angle perspective to make him seem ‘mighty’ and then switch angles to show that he was really pathetic.  Overall, though, the video was hilarious.  It is the perfect example of how a production relies on both the acting and the film techniques to create an excellent product.


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